Magnetic fastening Systems

What is a magnetic mounting system?

Snap-in magnetic boxes, brackets, C-shape profiles, clamps and veneer is a flexible mounting system formwork which is able to cover the needs of any production of concrete products.

The elements of the system are light weight, allowing you to work without crane technics. This mounting system is ideal for production companies whose product range is constantly changing.


Magnetic mounting systems consist of:

кронштейн жби
The Bracket is a welded power element, perceiving the pressure of concrete on board. There are mounting holes provided for the magnetic box BM-2400 in this bracket.

Магнитный бокс БМ-2400
Magnetic box BM-2400 is a reliable box with a pressure force of  2.4 tonns. It is resistant to vibration and long-term temperature effects. Due to push-button system and spring mechanism, the magnetic box can equalize and press itself to the form surface.
опалубочная фанера
The formwork veneer of a necessary length and width is fixed on a C-shaped profile with the help of screws.

Болт крепления С-профиля

The C-profile - fastening bolt.

С-образный профиль
The C-shaped profile creates the necessary hardness in the longitudinal direction. The profile is perforated throughout its length for fixing of plywood. The length of the produced profile is not more than 3M.

An example of production of concrete panels with the help of a magnetic mounting system. An important component of the production process is the system elements’ location on the working surface.

The mounting system should be installed on the edges of the framed surface, and also at the points of joint of the C-shaped profile. It is necessary respect the step of arrangement of the magnetic system and the maximal distance to the edge of the product. In the form of the perimeter of the opening angular brackets are used.  They provide safe and convenient connection of forming sheets of veneer. If a bevel on the inner surfaces of the opening is necessary the brackets with the points of mounting of veneer sheets with the required incline are made.

Раскладка системы крепления жби

An example of window and door openings’ formation with the help of a quick-detachable system  of formwork mounting.

Оконный проем жби

For deforming convenience we recommend to attach the veneer with the saw cuts of 45 degrees. In the place of joint of veneer it is necessary to provide the gap of the  C-shaped profile of maximum 100 mm.

Оконный проем распалубка

Look at the pictures of the magnetic mounting systems

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