Shuttering Magnets

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Magnetic shuttering is intended for different concrete  products production. It allows to manufacture products of different configuration and to respond quickly to constantly changing tendencies of the constructing market without hardware replacement. The magnetic side rigging provides an ideally smooth surface of the product.

The base of the shuttring is a magnetic box made of welded housing. Formwork has a system for adjusting bolts and magnets equipped with special adapters. The thickness of filled products can be controlled by adjusting the gap between the adapters.  A moveable board which has built-in magnets is included.  It is made from either polished or profiled metal.

The shuttering is very popular among construction companies primarily due to its versatility. Sliding boards allow to fill in designs of almost any length. The easiness of installation helps to avoid serious time costs, so grinding, welding, and other old-fashioned processes are simply not needed. The old methods are not only labor-intensive, but also unsafe for the workers. Of course, we are talking about the wooden formwork.

The use of magnetic shuttering

Magnetic formwork of TCM provides a wide range of possibilities, the main ones are:

  • unlimited opportunities for obtaining products of any complexity and configuration
  • easy application and maintenance
  • flexible response to a change in the design of typical structures
  • quick implementation into production of new products
  • reduction of working time for the formwork installation
  • efficiency increase
  • reduce the cost of electricity associated with the welding and cleaning of work surfaces
  • fixation safety

The TCM magnetic formwork advantages are:

  • it doesn’t need expensive maintenance
  • can be quickly implemented into mass production of ferroconcrete products
  • its installation doesn’t take a lot of time
  • has a long service life
  • the system is designed so that magnets damage is excluded
  • high performance

We guarantee that you will receive a quality product. Firstly, our products meet the requirements of GOST-standards. Secondly, the company production base is constantly updated.


Download the catalogue with full description of shuttering and magnetic formwork



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