Nowadays you cannot do without concrete products. They are used in both industrial and civil construction. The quality of constructed buildings depends on forms in which columns, lift shafts, wall panels are formed and on other equipment used in production and exploitation of concrete products. That’s why it is better to prefer quality products. We offer moulds for concrete and shuttering of our own production.

The company is able to provide an enterprise manufacturing concrete products with all the necessary equipment. These are both separate units and entire production lines of concrete products. Our clients do not need to cooperate with several manufacturers. As a result, customers save not only time but money. Forms and other equipment are manufactured in standard sizes and according to customer’s drawings.

The "TSM" company is not only involved in production. We develop new designs of equipment. Creation of a cluster installation, which allows to increase significantly the production capacity of  the enterprise, has become a result of hard work of the company’s engineers. We have a success in manufacturing of magnetic shuttering. The technology helps to make the process of making concrete forms much more simpland quick.

Our products’ advantages are:
• they fully meet the needs of a particular customer;
• they meet all the technical requirements used within our country;
• they can significantly improve the production performance;
• they are made of high quality materials;

• does not require any modifications and additions.


Order moulds for concrete right now. This can be done by phone +7(812)426-11-02or via email

TSM - Tochnaya Stroitelnaya Mechanika

Office phone: +7 (812) 426-11-02


Address: St. Petersburg, ul. Roshchinskaya, d.36, office 221, 223

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