Magnetic Steel Boards

борт для вертикальной формовки
A magnetic steel board is a modern formwork system used in precast concrete production. The product consists of hard welded construction with integrated magnetic systems. The boards can be different by lengths and sizes/ profile. Our company supplies products with the following maximum parameters: length - 6 m, height - 0.4 m.

The robotic systems of cutting and welding sheet metal are used in the manufacturing of the boards. As a result it is possible to achieve precise geometry of all products. All sides are made from high quality sheet steel.

Each steel magnetic board is equipped with a magnetic system of required lifting capacity. The capacity to be chosen depends on the board’s height. Our specialists will help to choose a particular magnetic system. We do not recommend to pay more for products with a large lifting capacity, but the product should have a small reserve of power.

We suggest using a magnetic board for serial production of certain concrete products with slight variations to achieve the greatest profitability. So there will be no need in complex calculations, which will allow concentrating of efforts of specialists of the enterprise on the production process.

The steel magnetic board’s advantages are:

• it allows you to remove the formwork quickly and safely;
• it gives an ability to produce flat products of any configuration;
• there is no need in expensive operations;
• magnetic properties are saved for 10 years (at least);
• any addition in the project can be made and implemented.

Look at the pictures of the magnetic steel boards

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